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Creating Curated Blog Posts. A How-To From Hubspot.

This particular article will do two things. One, teach you about article curation. Two, teach while curating an article from

Curation is the collection, archival and maintenance of something. Content curation allows you to collect content and useful information from around the web, organize and review the content you would like to use, and maintain a similar message while making the content your own style and voice.

If you are a person or marketer that has to create content constantly it can seem pretty impossible to be 100% original 100% of the time. That is why content creation is so important. How you organize and reuse content can make or break a successful article or blog post.

As you plan to write or publish on your website or blog you will need a content calendar.  Content can be images, videos and posts/articles. When creating content you will need to consider the following:

1. Who is the buyer? What kind of persona are we speaking to and in turn, how are we speaking? What would you like them to takeaway?

2. What subject matter is this post about? Can I create different views or opinions on the same subject? (This will allow you to create content in the future with a different perspective.There are many ways to write about a subject and let each perspective create a new post.)

3. What is the title. Even if it is a working title, beginning with an idea of where you want this blog post to focus on saves time meandering with your writing.

4. Create an Outline. Yes we are back to English 101.

An introduction: Introductions allow you to present a brief overview to the how, why and who of your blog post.

A Body: This is where you focus in on the details of the how, why and who.

A Conclusion: This section allows you to restate your initial statements and summarize the steps.

5. If you are using a video, first make sure it isn’t under copyright protection. Any video on You tube that is public has already agreed to multi-use under their user agreement. Make sure you use a catchy title in your post, then a quick one or two liner commenting on the video and finally embed it into your blog post. You want readers to come to your site to view the video not just merely click-through your post.

6. If there are quotes/images that I like, I usually copy the text and create a new background. There are many image apps that allow you to do this easily. Rhonna Designs and A Beautiful Mess are two mobile apps that I like to use to create graphics. On my desktop, I frequent

The key to content curation is to gather information and relay it in a new way. Make sure that the topics or images you use are timely and interesting.

The above information is more or less information that I have gathered from my own experience and curated information from Now it’s time to get writing. Enjoy!


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